A brand is a seal of a promise to be kept. This promise is reflected in the entirety of the brand journey. Brand Identity (BI) embodies this journey beyond just a LOGO. This class covers the essentials for a corporate brand. The BI design course is for beginners in any field (Civil servants, content creators, Web & Software Developers, entry designers, etc).

Icing on the cake – A bonus class which would introduce you to User Interface and Experience Designs (UI/UXD).  A brand excursion, free three months after-training mentorship, and Lifetime membership to the GH Design Academy.

“Powered by Visualization.”

Visual identity for brands is one of the powerful business tools for communication. A brand identity remains in our minds even when the personnel steps out of a room. This class is for beginners/Pro who want to arm themselves with the key to unlocking a visually appealing brand!
Femi Greaterheights
Facilitator/UX Designer

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